Copy Editing and Proofreading Services for Speculative Fiction Writers

What's included?

I offer American English copy editing and proofreading services. I will slowly and meticulously sift through your words to spot any alternatives in word usage and spelling errors. Copy editing should be done after your work has already gone through developmental or line editing. While it can involve rewording and restructuring sentences for clarity when necessary, the goal of a copy edit is to address flaws on a technical level to make sure your writing is in accordance with industry standards. I will check for continuity, clarity, grammar usage, spelling, punctuation, typos, and technical errors in your work.


I include proofreading services in addition to copy editing. I've always been the type of person who can spot a typo from a mile away. Proofreading comes naturally to me, and I enjoy catching those pesky errors that seem to be overlooked by others. It's something I enjoy doing, and I couldn't stop it if I tried! For every manuscript that comes my way, I will check it word-for-word at least twice. My first run-through will focus more on readability and sentence structure, and my second run-through will focus on catching any small errors that may have been missed. 

What types of documents do you edit?

I work with self-published and independent authors of fiction and can edit your manuscript to American English grammar rules. I specialize in speculative fiction, including science fiction, fantasy, utopian and dystonian fiction, horror, and combinations thereof. I understand the importance of maintaining a writer's voice, and I work hard to ensure typos and grammatical errors don't get in the way of that voice.


For all copy editing and proofreading, I use track changes in Microsoft Word which will allow you to easily accept or refuse any changes I make. My preferred style guide and the one I'm most familiar with is The Chicago Manual of Style, but if you have a preferred style guide please let me know.


Please contact me via email at to receive a quote for the total cost of services. I charge by word count, and will require a couple pages of your work to preview before giving an exact quote. Price and turnaround time will vary based on the length of the document. I will provide a free one page copy editing and proofreading sample if requested. I strive to provide the quickest turnaround possible for my clients, but will not sacrifice any quality of work to do so.


Upon agreement of the cost of services, the client shall pay a deposit amounting to 50% of the agreed costs. The remaining balance must be paid within 7 days of receiving the final invoice via email after edits have been completed. Before any edits can be made, both the client and editor will sign a contract outlining expectations from both parties.